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  • My experience has been insightful. I have been putting off therapy for some time and this has really helped me and open my eyes to some patters and allow me to rethink things I have learned in the past.

    - Shanequa E.
  • I really enjoyed Francesca Patrick. She gave great support in guiding me through my visits. She was a pleasant person to work with.

    - Rolonda J.
  • Fancy is so sweet and seems like she really cares to know how I'm feeling. I havent had a therapist till them who seemed like they were able to perfectly articulate how I'm feeling. Would recommend to anyone especially young adults:)

    - Ashley C.
  • The service provided is quite frankly remarkable while each session gives a me a sense rejuvenation.

    - Devonte B.
  • I found the counseling sessions to be incredibly insightful and helpful in navigating through my personal challenges. The counselors listened attentively, asked thought-provoking questions, and provided me with valuable tools and strategies to cope with those challenges.

    - Rick O.
  • really good, and she knows what shes saying she know what i mean

    - Arianna J.
  • I am very pleased with my experience with Best Hopes Counseling Services. They were compassionate, caring, and helped me work toward achieving my goals.

    - Sarah W.
  • I enjoyed the counseling services immensely and will continue to do so. I feel very cared for and feel like I can truly get better emotionally with the care provided

    - Samrah A.
  • I needed a licensed professional counselor per doctor recommendation and Dr. Fancy was able to walk me through the entire process with ease. I feel much better after speaking with her. I appreciate her work!

    - Anonymous
  • Dr. Fancy is an amazing licensed professional counselor with whom I have had the pleasure of working with. She solicits practical solutions through thought-provoking questions and self-reflective strategies. Dr. Fancy maintains a level of professionalism as well as approachability that allows a client to be comfortable in her presence and be confident in her capabilities to listen, facilitate, and nurture personal growth.

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    - Christton G.

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