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Dr. Fancy, Ph. D., LPC.

I am a Doctor of Marriage & Family Therapy and currently a Licensed Professional Counselor. I currently have 8 years of counseling/clinical experience. As a LPC, my style is warm, non-judgmental, and compassionate. I use a mix of solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, narrative, and person-centered therapies. I aim to make clients feel comfortable and at ease while being attentive and open. I specialize in both outpatient and inpatient services treating military/veteran populations, PTSD/trauma, substance abuse disorders and addiction, co-occurring disorders, anxiety/depression/stress, ADHD, sports psychology and performance anxiety with student/professional athletes, and family/couples/relational and intimate relationships. Additionally, I have specialized experience in conducting clinical assessments of substance abuse patients, formulating behavioral health treatment plans, providing professional counseling to substance abuse patients, treating psychological conditions associated with medical complications, performing biopsychosocial/psychological evaluations of clients, developing behavioral health treatment plans, and providing psychotherapy for adolescents, teenagers, adults, couples, and family populations.

There are countless theories, modalities, and orientations in the therapy world. This can be very confusing for those who simply are unsure what fits them. My biggest takeaway from this journey of mine is that it is not so much about a theory but rather active listening, creating context, and simply being there with the individual(s) looking for different perspectives to help guide a client to move forward is really what therapy is all about. Regardless of what a client may bring to the session, I will always strive to work with him or her on overcoming what the client is wanting to resolve, process, or heal from. 

I look forward to guiding you on your journey of faith, hope, and wellness!

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